Yamaha 1.8L SVHO Supercharger Clutch

Yamaha 1.8L SVHO Supercharger Clutch

SeaDoo 1.5L 300M Connecting Rods - Custom Designed

These rods are custom-made exclusively for Worldwide Racing using 300M material to provide the lightest, strongest possible rods on the market today.

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Set includes 3 connecting rods.

These rods fit all Rotax Seadoo 1.5L applications.

Made from 300M USA Material to withstand in excess of 80psi of boost and huge amounts of nitrous without any problems.

Rod bolts are 626 Custom Age and can easily rev well in excess of 10,000 rpms.

Rods feature double pin oilers and are ready to assemble with pin-fit finish.

Each rod is individually inspected and matched and each set comes with a complete spec card from the manufacturer.

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Brand Saenz
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